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Jason 013

From RiskyDriver, Tales From Retail:

I worked at a small town bakery names Andrae's bakery for a few years after high school. Andrae's is a last name, the shop is co owned by a couple. So anyways, this customer came in and placed an order for 300 cookies for a holiday party. She arranged to come back in a few days to pick them up.

When she come to get them I ring it up, the total is over $700. I ask for her card, run it and its declined. I ask her if she has another form of payment.

"No? Are you serious you cant even run a card right?"

Me: "I can try again"

Of course it doesnt work.

Me: "Im really sorry but this card isnt working, is there another form of payment that you can use? We do accept local checks."

Customer: "My husband and I are your best customers (I had never seen them despite working there 6 days a week for two years) and we know ANDREA and she is going to fire you!"

Me: "mam there is no Andrea"


Me: "No this is Andrae's, its a last name. There is no woman named Andrea."

I pointed to the business cards

I wish you guys could have seen the look on her face. She froze with her mouth gaping like a fish

Customer: "Oh I must have gone to the wrong store"

She just turned around and left. Luckily since it was such a large order we had her card on file and I got the actual owner to charge her for all the cookies we had made. So satisfying







Yes, the customer was stupid... but what the hell kind of cookies cost more than two dollars each?


I imagine places like that charge more for larger orders. I know that a single doughnut at Dunkin Doughnuts is about less than a dollar, but a box of a dozen is something like $10.


The cookies at most of the bakeries around me cost $2-$3 per cookie, with some as much as $5


Heh. I can see cookies costing more, but I'm a cheap bastard, so I probably wouldn't buy them. Of course, I wouldn't order them and try to get a discount by lying about knowing the owner either

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