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From  wrecklessheart, Tales From Retail:

This happened a while ago and for some reason popped back into my head today.

So I worked as a cashier for a drugstore last year. Over the summer we sold beach chairs and the like.

I'm ringing out this middle aged woman who seems a little stuck up and but generally isn't being rude or anything... yet. She's buying a lot of stuff. The store is very busy and there's a long line at each register.

Her: "How much are those chairs over there?" points across the store at a display

Me: "Hm, I'm honestly not sure, we just put those up and haven't made sale signs yet. Do you want to grab one so I can check?"

Her: "Nah, it's fine. I don't need it. Have a good one."

And she leaves.

I ring out a few more people and ten minutes have gone by. The woman strolls back into the store, walks up to my line with the chair she said she didn't want, and cuts a little old lady in line who had just put her stuff on the counter almost pushing her out of the way.

Me: "Um, I'm really sorry but this woman is next in line."

Rude Lady: "Excuse me?! I was JUST here. I need the price on this."

Me: "I understand but this woman was just about to cash out and you've already left the store, you'll need to get back in line."

RL: "Are you f***ing serious?! What's the big deal?"

Me: fed up with people cutting others in line constantly "Because you just cut her in line and she's been waiting.."

Old lady: "It's okay dear, obviously she must REALLY need that chair. You can check it for her."

Me: scans the chair it's $20.

RL: "Was that so hard? Thanks." Drops the chair to the floor in front of the counter and takes off muttering under her breath.

Me: "Thank you, ma'am. Sorry about that."

Old lady: "Oh sweetheart, it's okay. You handled that very well. People these days! Don't you worry, she was just rude."

The next day, my manager called me into her office and condescendingly asked what I could or should have done differently about the situation and told I was in the wrong for not letting her cut. I guess the shift supervisor saw the whole thing happen and as she usually did with her coworkers, she bad mouthed me to the manager.

I do not miss that job!

-- wrecklessheart




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