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From  Unapologetic_Canuck, Tales From Retail:

So a few years ago I was working night shift as a floor cleaner for a national department store chain. Pretty easy work, not much to write home about but it pays the bills. My main duties involved using a floor scrubber to clean as much of the floor as I can in a night. Been doing it for years at this point so it's basically second nature to me.

This occurred in December, as we approached Christmas. Normally, this store opens and closes every day, as per usual. But during December, they opted to stay open 24 hours to let shoppers be shoppers. Yay. Now, normally we don't have to watch out for much, except for the occasional employee that isn't paying attention and almost gets creamed by my machine. With the store open all night, this throws customers into the mix, so we have to be extra careful. But that's not the interesting part...

Enter some guy, probably in his late 40s or early 50s. He walks up to me as I'm going by with my machine, and the following happens, he'll be SG and I'll be Me:

SG: Do you know where I can find this light bulb?

Me: Not sure, but the light bulb aisle is over there (pointing to it)

SG: You're not gonna help me find it?

Me: I am not familiar with specialty light bulbs, and I am just here to clean (thinking to myself do you not see this bigass machine in front of me‽)

He goes off after that and I assume goes looking for his precious bulb. Cool! Done! On with cleaning! I make a loop around and come back on a second pass to cover the other half of the aisle I was doing. This guy sees me again and walks right up to me again and shoves a light bulb package in my face:

SG: SEE? This is the light bulb I wanted!

Me: Okay...? (Congratulations! Do you want a medal or something?)

SG: You work here so you should know where everything is!

Me: Sorry but my job doesn't require me to memorize the location of every item in the store. Again, I'm here to clean.

He walks away again and I shake my head afterward. I can understand asking someone who looks like they're putting product out, (and there were quite a few around, it was near Christmas after all and there was a crap-ton of freight to deal with) but why come to ME when I'm clearly doing something that DOESN'T involve stocking merchandise‽ Durr. I hate when people assume I know everything just because I'm in the building. Go away.

-- Unapologetic_Canuck





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