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Retail Hell Memories: You Towed Our Car While We Were Shopping (Spoiler...They Were Not Even In The Store)



From IceWarm1980, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a grocery store in a ski town. Our store was about a block off the main street. People would often park in our parking lot, walk to the main street and take a bus to the ski area.

We would get our main deliveries on Tuesday and Friday. In order to get the semi trucks into the loading dock we had to block off a small portion of the parking lot. This is the middle of ski season and the truck is late so I am asked to watch the parking lot and make sure people are not parking where they shouldn't be. A large SUV pulls up. Somebody gets out, proceeds to move the cones and then tries to park. I tell them we are waiting for a delivery and if they could move their car out of the coned off area. They literally moved their car one space and it was still in the coned off area. I then see them leaving with all their ski gear. I walk back across the parking lot to ask them to move it again but they are too far away from the store by this point.

The delivery eventually arrives and we are forced to tow the car because the semi truck can't get in now. Tow company arrives and takes away the car. We get the delivery parked and unloaded. About an hour later we get a phone call asking for "Mike." We have a couple employees named Mike so I ask which Mike they are looking for. The guy then screams "THE MIKE WHO TOWED OUR CAR!" I tell them I am going to find somebody to address their call. They speak to a manager and then come into the store still in their ski gear. They tell the manager they were towed while they were in the store shopping despite being caught red handed due to their ski gear. They then decide to call the police. The police show up and basically tell them there is nothing they can do. They also mention the ski gear to the family. The police say the only thing they can do is to give them a ride to the tow company lot to get their car. The family claimed we had an arrangement with the tow company. We never had an arrangement with them and we only towed when it was a last resort.

TL;DR - A family parked their car where they shouldn't, went skiing, and claimed they were towed while they were shopping.








They do have an arrangement with the tow company. "When assholes park like idiots after being told twice not to, we arrange to have their car towed."

We have one store with a regular arrangement with a two company. The used car place next door used to be owned by psychotic assholes, who would use our (fairly small) parking lot to stage cars they were prepping to sell. And no amount of reasonable discussion would stop them. Calling the tow company, however, did. Especially after the owner decided that honor demand he get into a fist fight with the driver. (If you've never dealt with tow truck drivers, well, never, ever, *ever* get into a physical altercation with one. They'll hand you your ass, and that of your six buddies, too. Most of 'em are tougher than bouncers at dive bars. And most of them carry guns.)

The regular contract, though, comes from the several apartment complexes within walking distance that have zero guest parking. And a lot of guests coming by to visit who are utterly incapable of reading even the most obvious signs. It waxes and wanes, but it's a very rare week we don't have at least one car towed.

Tech Support Survivor

Oh gee, you did something you were told not to and there were consequences. *clears voice, points* HAW - HAW!


Ever watch the show Parking Wars? So reminds me of that. lol Busted red handed and still trying to convince everyone that they were innocently in there shopping.

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I loved that show. People acted so stupid and obnoxious. Also loved Garfield, anyone who cares for cats that much, well enough said.

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