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The 7th annual "I'm a huge dick that should be arrested" show. Why is this supposed to be funny? I hate kids, but this is just mean for no reason.


These "challenges" are so immature. They always make my heart break. What monster wants to make their kids cry on purpose???

Kai Lowell

I agree, this is just awful. Why?

18 Spears

Another vote for "awful."


THIS is why I so dislike his show. I love comedic monologues (Colbert, Oliver, Meyers, Maher, etc.), but I can't stand how mean Kimmel seems to be as a usual thing. This is his usual mean taken up an order of magnitude.


Agreed with everyone here.

I'm all for pranks to make kids or adults gasp and take a moment to think "That's wrong" before showing them it's just a joke but this is cruel and completely wankerish.

Well, then again, it's Jimmy Kimmel. Sorry to anyone who likes him.


I hate this each year. "Bullying is bad, unless mommmy and daddy can put your humiliation on television for 15 mins of fame."

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