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Mistaken Identity: He Hit Me So Hard, That He Knocked Me To The Floor



I got it right on the first try.


The intention is clear, but the sign is poorly formatted. "Don't dead open inside".

Tech Support Survivor

I'd never get a shot from a pharmacist. I'd run from anyone at that table.


The rather demented kid on the poster to the right doesn't help matters, either.

I think when they're doing flu shots they have people who are qualified to give them come in, rather than random employees, but I don't get them so I dunno...


I never get a chance to make an appointment, I have regular blood tests and they corner me there!

Being immunity compromised I get them free in the UK so I can't even make an excuse of not being able to afford it.


I don't WANT them... every time I get a flu shot, I get the flu harder, faster and longer than just my usual 'get the sniffles for a week'.

Vaccinations for specific diseases, good. "Hope this works" for one random type of flu they think MIGHT be the one this year, no good.

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