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A tale of gothic credit card fraud




From Tarahdikov, Tales From Retail:

So I'm a store manager of a former gothic store, in an high end mall. People sometimes drop over $100 (they get a lot of stuff) and not bat an eye. So large amounts of gift cards are not totally unusual but our policy is to check and call in all gift cards transactions over $100.

My ASM alerts me of a $500 gift card trying to be bought at the cash wrap. My new manager (quite inexperienced) is just standing quietly as I assess it.

I ask for the credit card and her ID. As I'm inspecting (before I need to call) I notice a slight difference in the lettering. Before her name it had the letter L. Definitely looked like a name stamped on top of another name. Very obvious, maybe might be missed in a hurry.

I return the card back and explain that I can't accept it. She demands why.

I'm like "clearly you can see another name under your name (and insert her name)" you can tell she is clearly shocked that I caught her and murmurs she'll get cash and rushes out. lol 

'tis the season.







The web sites that let you buy and sell gift cards have created such a thriving black market for cards bought with stolen credit card info that most fast food joints around here have big signs that say "cash only on gift cards."

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