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From  GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

I'm a cashier at $Home Improvement store, and today I was, once again, overseeing self check. The store had just been slammed, but the rush had died down quite a bit. An alleged gentleman (G) came up to self check and started ringing in his items. He scanned a couple items in, looked up, made eye contact with me, and did the infamous finger crook. Gritting my teeth, I approached him.

G: "I don't use self check, I don't like them. How do I do this?"

I glanced over my shoulder at the two open registers behind me. Did I mention that it had slowed down so there weren't really lines at that moment?

Me: "What do you need help with?"

He held out his hand to show me the loose washers scattered across his palm. In his other hand he held a small bag of washers. For reference, even at self check the cashiers still have to enter the loose washers in in.

G: "I have a bag of washers , 25 of these washers, and 25 of these."

Me: "Okay, so you have two types of the loose ones?"

G: "No! I have 25 of these and 25 of these!"

Me confused because, not gonna lie, I was exhausted. This was my seventh hour into my 6am shift, it had gotten incredibly busy for awhile, and I sprained my ankle for the umpteenth time a couple months ago, so while it's healing, it's still achy and I tend to get worn out a lot easier. He was also brandishing the loose washers at me: "So you have 2 types of loose ones...?"

with an eye roll: "No! I have 25 of these and 25 in a bag!"

Me: "Oh, okay, that's just what I was trying to figure out."

There was some more back and forth between that (dude did not want to expand on what he'd been saying), but once I figured it out, I thought the rest of the transaction would go smoothly. Nope.

I got his washers rung up, added his military discount for him, and told him he was good to go, just hit the Pay Now button. Instead he flagged me over again.

G: "You didn't get my military discount!"

Me pointing to the part of the screen where it showed his discount: "Yes, I did."

G: "Then why is it so much?!"

Me: "Oh, that'd be tax."

G: "$4 for tax?!"

I peered at the screen, trying to figure out what he was talking about. Again. Tax was only a little over a dollar.

He jabbed his finger at the part of the screen that showed his items.

G: "I'm only buying one bag of the washers! You've charged me for two!"

Me: "Whoops. I'll get that fixed for you."

He went on ranting about how I had overcharged him and scanned the bag in twice.

Me: "It looks like you scanned the bag in twice when you were ringing yourself up. But no problem, I got it off for you."

He humphed, finished his transaction, and ignored me when I told him to have a good day. Some people are so determined to be miserable and angry about anything they can think of.

TL;DR: Guy goes to self check and says he hates self check, but there are actual registers open. Then can't express what he needs help with. Then blames me for his mistake.

-- GoldMidnight








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