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From  bluepineleaf, Tales From Retail:

Just a quick one from my 6:30am Christmas Eve opening shift this morning :)

Nobody ever knows that our mall opens at 7am on Christmas Eve so I’m spending the morning filling and refolding a wall of denim in the front of our store. A lady comes in and is perusing the table in front of my wall. Lady is L and I’m M.

L: Do you work here?

M (reflecting on why I wear a walkie or a branded lanyard with my store keys or a name badge and if she thinks I’m folding 500 pairs of jeans on Christmas Eve morning in this store for fun): Yes.

L: Is this on sale? (She gestures to some hoodies on the front of the table)

M: No

L: 50% off?

M: No

L: No, this (holds up the hoodie), is this on sale?

M: NO, that item is not on sale and is full price

She is noticeably irritated but wanders to the back of the store and I’m just happy she’s done talking to me. Not 10 seconds later I hear her talking to my coworker in the next room...

“Is this half off? …is this half off? …is THIS half off?”

Unsurprisingly, none of the items were half off.

-- bluepineleaf







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