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When I was the AGM of a really rinky-dink hotel, the owners had a disagreement about who would be the GM after the previous one rage-quit. One owner hired an veteran with previous hospitality experience, an impressive resume, and really good business sense who was an absolute joy to be around.

The other hired Mary-Lou.

They were both set loose in the hotel and basically told to fight over the position. Whoever proved the most capable wins.

Veteran candidate thinks this is dumb but, hey, it's a job that pays better than his last one. He goes about his job like a normal human being. Mary Lou lost her goddamned mind and became some kind of hurricane of pure Jesus-fueled hate.

She was a small woman whose only experience was getting fired from a Christian bookstore and owning a florist shop for eleven years. She came in waving her credit card and professed that she was going to buy everything the hotel needed on her dime and the owners were going to reimburse her.

She'd be gone for hours and come back with things like cat litter and scarecrows and a mother fucking picnic table, and when we tried to explain that that was really stupid, she'd just start shrieking like a banshee.

Hotel carolanneI wasn't allowed to do my job. She decided that I wasn't the AGM anymore, though that was what the owners treated me as. Owner would call and ask me to fix up reports she destroyed (such as claiming we had over a million rooms in the hotel), and she'd practically drag me away from my paperwork to scream at me about how the flowers she bought hadn't been properly watered.

"Why are you in the office doing the expenses when you should be the third person at a desk for a sixty-room hotel on a day where the occupancy is projected below 10%? Why isn't the front desk doing laundry now that I sent the laundry person home for no discernible reason? Why aren't you doing housekeeping's work? I'm the GM! I AM THE ONLY MANAGER! I WILL DO THE REPORTS."

And she would wreck the reports and I would wait until she was gone and work overtime trying to fix them, because they were trusting these fucking reports with a woman who crashed a computer trying to minimize a window. This is a woman who wrote a manifesto about how she was going to pray extra angrily at her old boss and hope that Satan was driven out of him. And told one of our front desk folks that God told her to save her e-mails because we were out to get her.

In the end, she wound up fired because she spent thousands of dollars on the hotel that was out of our budget, put the rest on her card, then sent a package of receipts to one owner demanding reimbursement.

Also, we all threatened to walk out.

When fired, she nearly ripped out her bangs, ripped a wreath off the wall, and told me and one of my employees that we'd "get what was coming" to us. She then harassed me via text with job listings because she wanted me to be prepared for when I got fired.

Somehow, that woman managed to outdo the previous AGM who snapped his keys in half and physically threatened me when he found out I was his successor, and a fill-in GM who lasted three days before revealing he was incredibly racist and sexist and being forced to leave.

That hotel was a shit-show.





Wow! That is all.


Just a hunch, but I think I know why she was fired from the Christian bookstore.


Also, I have to wonder why she isn’t the owner of the florist shop, and if that has anything to do with her being batshit crazy.

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