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We had a guy who constantly stole food from other cubes, even cased file cabinets and made mental notes of what goodies lie in store for him when we went to the bathroom or on lunch or whatever.

Then he stole a pregnant woman's pizza.

He ate the pizza, in plain view of everyone, then simply closes the box and leaves it there.

You don't steal a pregnant woman's pizza.

That was the greatest screaming I've ever heard in a call center.

The fat Hobbit fuck was hiding from HR all day.




Misty Meanor

Karma really came back there!


Misty, karma can be scary! I hope that moron learned not to steal food from people pregnant or not. He is so lucky her hormones didn't make her kill him!


I was hoping you’d say someone boobie trapped their food with Ex-Lax or hot peppers. Drat!


And fired for theft? Good luck finding another job. People will trust a murderer over a thief.

I'm amazed the guy wasn't skinned Predator-style for stealing a pregnant woman's food. I'd steal honey from a bear first!

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