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His name is Tyler.

I use to work at a convenience store that use to solely be open between the hours 7am and 11pm. At this point in my life I had been there for about 6 years.

Well they hired Tyler because he is the son of one of the regular customers. They place him on my shift and it was easily the worst shift I ever had. Normally I work 7am to 3pm, but that day I had to stay till 5pm because I was so behind on the things I needed to do.

On this day our order was larger than normal because our 2 ordering bosses were away on vacation the past week so it was 2 weeks worth of items being delivered.

He had been there for about 3 weeks at this point. Most training is about a week long before you are being placed on regular shifts. But not for Tyler!

Here is a list of the reasons I was behind on my work:

  • Every other customer I had to stop the transaction and fix the mistakes he was making (scanning items 3-4 times without noticing). Each time I walked him through how to delete an item off the list so he could do it himself if he missed up.

  • I would walk away to start putting order items on the shelves and look up 2 minutes later to see a line of 6 people at the register

  • Jason NyerpTook 45 minutes to change 6 trashcans, all of which were in a 10ft by 4 ft square of each other. I sat there at the register watching him watch the same 6 commercials that were on the TV.

  • Constantly had to cancel orders because he forgot to place the total they payed him and didn't understand how to give people change without seeing the change total on the screen. His way to fix this was re-ring ALL the items again and put the change in the second time. I explained each time how to count change without it and explain that you can't just re-ring items because it throws off totals in the system.

  • had to talk to several of those customers because Tyler ended up cursing in front of them.

  • had to talk to several customers because Tyler had given them raw food instead of the cooked food (we had a system, Cooked food is in front of the sign, raw behind it. He constantly grabbed the food behind the sign).

All of which put me two hours behind on my work. My boss ended up having to drop what he was doing and help me when Tyler left at 3 and our 2 replacements came in.

He was there another week. He told the boss last minute he was going on a 3 week long vacation and our boss just told him to not come back to the store.




Misty Meanor

At least he got his just desserts!


This explains why the owner of the (very tiny) retail pharmacy I worked at throughout high school and college had a policy against hiring customer's family members. The chances of it blowing up spectacularly are not worth the potential gain.

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