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3 Coworker HellFrom The_ZanesterAskReddit

When I first started working retail, it was for this family owned grocery store. It was fairly decent sized and had a ton of loyal customers. I had been working there for 5 months, I was 16 years old and it was my first job. We had an older lady name Michelle who worked there since it opened like 20 years ago.

I had no keys to the register and there were certain things I could and couldn't do. Like refunds. Anyways, Michelle never ran the register, she kept the store stocked because I was better at being "the face" of the store when people entered and was better at being on the register. I just didn't have keys. So I had to call her up to help.

Michelle didn't like that, even though it was one of the reasons she kept her job after customers kept complaining that she was bitchy to them. Well. I come in for my shift and right off the bat, I get hit with like, three returns, someone needing to break 100$ bill (I wasn't allowed to do that), and finally, I ran out of 1s, 5s, and 10s. So I needed Michelle to come up and help me.

Michelle stormed around the counter, threw open the safe where we kept more money (1s, 5s, 10s, etc) and just threw the tray of money on the counter, where it slide across the counter and landed on the ground, scattering money everywhere for customers to pick up.

Luckily, the customers were decent people and handed me all the money and the broken till. I got myself set up and, despite being young I decided to chastise Michelle because...Fuck that childish behavior.

All I got out was; "Come on Michelle..." before she pulled the lanyard with the keys around her neck off and chucking them at me with a resounding "FUCK YOU!"

And that was how I got promoted to key holder.




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