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Crazy Coworkers: Instinctive Terror, And Federal Agents


2 Coworker HellFrom RHUer

Okay this is like the crowning glory of everything I have encountered in my life. This takes place in an office type setting, rather than retail.

One of my coworkers was.... well, terrifying. The instant your eyes rested on him, you knew he was a serious threat to you, without being able to put your finger on why. Low ranking guys in the workplace hierarchy didn't like him, but it seemed like they hated him for the way he treated them rather than any feeling of fear.

He came in and did his work just fine, but it was like he only acknowledged the existence of anyone in a higher position than him. Anyone else who speaks to him, or tries to get him to help out or just, you know, interact on a human level, is barely acknowledged as existing.

An example: when he was doing something wrong, a male (gender detail relevant later) coworker tried to give him an assist by showing him how to do it easier (and properly). He faced the helpful coworker's direction with a flat, blank expression on his face. It was like he was staring at a wall. He wasn't actually looking at the coworker doing the thing, and his eyes weren't following the activity. I saw him doing this and got this kind of vibe that said 'you are beneath me; I do not acknowledge you." Then he turned around, walked away, and asked a manager (also male) to show him how to do it. This time he engaged, and did the thing the right way; the way the manager and coworker BOTH showed him, but apparently only the manager was real in his head.

He'd had other complaints about this, and most complaints are brushed off as "just leave him alone, he does his job and you're not here to socialize. He's respectful to managers, so unless he actually does something wrong, don't stir up trouble with him."

PET16Yes well, one more thing, and this thing was the biggest thing ever, for all that it was intangible and most couldn't even put it into words as to 'why.' It was in regards to the other 50% of the workforce; women.

From the second he set foot on the property, the women were abso-fucking-lutely terrified of him. As a woman myself, I know exactly what they felt, because I felt it myself. When he entered the room, every female in the vicinity turned at bay like a freaking deer being charged at by a hound.

Even if all he did was walk through the room, female activity S.T.O.P.P.E.D. Our instincts were screaming. Our insides knotted. Our immediate reaction to his presence was to freaking shake in terror, for all that he just walked into the room. None of us could turn her back on him. We did not want him behind us. We did not want to approach him. We wanted to be facing him, as physically far away as we possibly could, tracking him with our eyes, every heartbeat that he was in the same room with us. He didn't acknowledge us any more than he acknowledged male coworkers who weren't in a position of authority, for which I think every woman was grateful.

Whatever this vibe was, it was universal. Every. Woman. Ever. would stop, unless she was on the phone and couldn't just drop it. Weirdest fucking shit ever, another woman would gravitate over to the one on the phone, put her hand on the phone-coworker's shoulder, and just stand back-to back so that she was  between him and the one who couldn't turn around.. I swear the times I witnessed this, they were just wordlessly doing the "watching my sister's back" thing. When he was past, the collective sigh of relief would be let out and the female warriors who took up positions would blink a time or two, then go back to their original business... which was usually nowhere near her female coworker's position. There was no other reason to have walked behind their coworker than to guard her back against a threat.

Believe it or not, all of the above is background. The crazy that I have so far described isn't the crowning glory.

Badge 666It's an ordinary day at work. The usual humdrum day-to-day. Other than the usual state of constant heightened awareness, work was being done. The next thing I know, my state of heightened awareness tells me that there are strangers in the cubicle farm. I jerk my head up, and my jaw hits the floor... Ten... Count them... TEN US Marshals in full gear came flowing through our workplace.

Guess who they were after, and the first two guesses don't count!

They go to the break room and arrest him, at gunpoint, in front of everyone. I'm not going to say anything detailed that would give away my identity, the date this happened, or my workplace, but let's just say this was a scene straight out of Criminal Minds, complete with an apparent laundry list of really SICK shit that he allegedly did.

The bigwigs (all male of course) just couldn't understand how such a polite man who was such a good worker could have warranted the arrival of ten Feds.

They were also really confused as to why production and efficiency jumped like, a thousand percent after he was taken away.




now im really curious as to what he did that would warrant 10 men taking him away! thats insane!


Monitor Boy, a former co-worker of mine, kind of gave off that vibe, and also had the Marshalls' Service on his ass after he left. If he would pop his jaw, I would say it was Monitor Boy.


Just one question: did the arrest have something to do with violence against women?

Tech Support Survivor

I am far too curious about who this guy was and what he did now. Way too much criminal minds stuff running through my mind.


I am not a gambler, but I would put GOOD MONEY that it was something like that, Gothchickfla. Even if it seemed like this guy ignored the women in the workplace, those reactions described were survival instincts.

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