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2 Coworker HellFrom RHUer

I work at a restaurant, waiting tables.

My coworker goes in the bathroom and doesn't come out for an hour.

I took all of the tables for his section while he was gone, somehow managing to keep up with them PLUS my own section. I'm busting ass, and somehow pulling it off. Customers were pleased enough with my service that I got decent tips from both sections.

When he comes out of the bathroom, he's very clearly on some type of drugs. He's twitching harder than a retail slave who has looked up to see twenty five toddlers running loose among her freshly folded clothing section. YES. THAT much twitching. I'm surprised he can walk. He's certainly not walking the sobriety line in any case; weaving back and forth down the space between tables. And he comes wobbling right up to me.

He is angry that I 'stole' tips from him by not waiting for him to get back. I tell him that he's been missing for an hour and there was no way in hell I was going to make these people wait for him to get his ass back on the floor.

He cusses loudly in front of the whole restaurant and flips double birds as he walks out. The manager sees him leave and pulls me aside to ask what the hell is going on.

Server hellI explain what happened and described how he looked when he came out of the bathroom. I explained that my coworker was pissed that I served 'his' tables their food when he walked off to go do... whatever... in the bathroom rather than make them wait for the full hour for him to deign to serve them. I explained how I took care of both sections and that I had claimed the tips as my own, since I did all the work.

He was promptly fired.

A week later, he storms into the building and confronts me on the floor. He demands the tips that are 'rightfully his' because they were his tables, not mine. We got into an altercation; namely he grabbed me by the shirt and screamed his demands for the money into my face, "or else." I whanged him upside the head with my empty serving tray. (Thank Thrognar I had already given the table their food or there would have been a mess to clean up.

He dropped me, and I staggered back. He takes a step toward me and a big hand falls on his shoulder. It's an off duty cop, who advises him to kindly settle the fuck down, because if he (the cop) had to sit on his (former coworker's) dumb ass when the cop SHOULD be enjoying a meal with his family, he was going to be very unhappy, and not at all gentle.

My former coworker ended up windmilling his arms to try to shake the cop off and ended up slapping said cop across the mouth. No, the cop was NOT very happy, and no, he was not at ALL gentle. Several tables winced at the crashing thud of my former coworker's body getting forcefully face planted on the very thin rug spread over the concrete floor. He left in cuffs, and sporting a broken nose.

The cop's dinner was remade fresh, on the house, for taking care of the problem after all was said and done.






Misty Meanor

At least the jackass was fired, and then he really got it in the end!


I suspect drugs were involved in this decision.


Thank goodness the cop happened to be there or that could have ended very differently and more violently.

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