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From  i_love_nny, Tales From Retail:

I work at a grocery store we're generally speaking we don't ask customers to leave after we close just let them finish their shopping and come up when they come up. That said there's a lady who at one point stayed 45 minutes after our closing time. Now the thing is she had been doing this incrementally for a couple weeks she would stay 5 minutes then 10 25 and finally she settled in at 45.

Usually when someone stay that late they're in their own little world and it would finally dawn on them they were the only person in the store not this lady she knew what she was doing.

She knew we wouldn't kick anyone out so she just kept shopping and stopping and trying to chit chat with the employee's while we were trying to close the store around her. It finally got to the point where employees were posting up at the end of each aisle and would ask her

"are you finding everything alright are you finding everything alright is there something we can help you find"

Finally in the only instance in my 10 years of working at this store the manager asked the woman to leave said please pay for your items and go we are trying to close the store at which point she looked at her watch and said oh my is that the time?

After all that she had the audacity to ask if anyone would be able to help her out to her car she basically bought two loaves of bread a bag of chips and a carton of eggs there really was no reason for her to ask for a carry out except for she wanted to wring every last drop of customer service out of us






She is taking horrible advantage of all of you and this problem should be nipped in the bud!

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