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From  toaster411, Tales From Retail:

So I work for a big box store in the electronics department. I’ve dealt with my share of grumpy customers before in my 2yrs of retail, but this older man was different from the beginning. I’ll get right to the story, so I’ll be me and he’ll be older man (OM).

I was working at the register putting spider wraps on a few items when I saw the man and his wife stumble by. They weren’t arguing, but I could tell they were disagreeing on something.

Me: Hi, do you guys need help finding anything?

OM: Yes, where are your amazon echo dots?

Me: We are currently all sold out. I can print you a rain check so you -

OM: That won’t help.

Me: Oh, alright.

I go back to what I was doing and help other customers. About 20min passes and I begin working on some freight. The guy comes back.

OM: I wanted to let you know that you have a whole section of amazon products.

Me: Yes we do, but we’re currently out of the dot, which you specifically asked for.

OM: Come with me.

I follow him over to the amazon section (I’m aware that it’s there...)

OM: See?! The Echo!!!!!

Me: Yes, but you asked for the dot...

He leans in and tries to get close to my face. I backed up because personal space.

OM: I. Said. Amazon. Products. I started working retail when I was 14. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER. YOU WEREN’T LISTENING!!!!!

Me: Well, then I do apologize, but you said the echo dot...

OM: We wanted to get the Echo as a gift.

Me: Everyone has been looking for the dot. That’s been the most popular product. That’s why I tried to offer you the rain check.

OM: Ok.

He walked away like nothing happened.

As he was yelling at me, people were staring and I felt incredibly embarrassed. A while later, a lady came to ask me a question regarding another product. After we finished up, she let me know that she overheard the entire thing (and said she was sure many people did). She told me that I handled myself well and I told her he’s the first person to actually yell in my face.

-- toaster411




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