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Grinchy Customers: Give me this price, just because I say so.



From  fenmech, Tales From Retail:

A few nights ago I was at the registers by myself and a customer pulled up with a cart containing one item. I said hello, asked how her night was going and without looking up from her phone or saying hello back, she told me that she could get this item cheaper at a competitor. I told her that I could definitely do a price match for her if she could show me an ad or a price on their website. She didn’t say anything for several minutes as she scrolled through her phone. There were no customers behind her so I let her do her thing. After an excruciatingly long time, she said that she wasn’t able to find the sale price. So she began to look for a physical ad in her purse. It was a small purse, but the encyclopedia of retail ads that she pulled out of there was way too big to actually fit so I’m assuming there was dark magic involved. I waited several more minutes as she looked through each of them. She was getting visibly more frustrated by the minute and I knew exactly what was coming.

After she had finally given up searching, she looked at me and said “Well, I know they had this on sale for $23.98 up until Saturday so you can just match that for me.” For reference, this would have been about a ten dollar discount on the item.

Before I even started to respond, she had a disgusted look on her face because she had to have known I was going to say no, I can’t do that. I calmly told her that I would need to see the price in order to price match and I can’t just take her word for it. This was not something I ever imagined I would have to say to a customer.

She yanked her cart away from the register, stuck her neck out at me and said “I can honestly say, this is the worst customer service I have EVER had and you WILL be hearing about this”

She pushed her cart away in the general direction of the cart corral and stormed out. Come to find out, she is in our store all the time and is always, without fail, weird and mean.








The proper response to "I Can get it cheaper at a competitor" is "Ok. Next customer."

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