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Grinchy Custys: Arguing And Lying About The Receipt Will Make The Return Easier, Right?


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I had a customer this weekend who thought lying about her situation would make the return process much easier.

So I was the weekend Customer Service Manager when I got a call from my Customer Service counter to come speak with a customer. To pre-face this the girl working the counter is one of my best. She's friendly, she's professional and she's thorough. This was the first time she'd ever had to call me up for a situation because she usually does everything she can to resolve an issue. We'll call her Veronica (V), I'll be Pearl725 (P), we'll have the customer (C) and later the store manager (M) will enter into the convo below.

V: Hey Pearl725! So this customer got this iPad as a Christmas gift and when she opened it it had clearly been used and won't turn on. She doesn't have the receipt and I did explain to her that due to the price we would need the receipt.

P: I'm really sorry to hear that's not working. So I just want to clarify someone gave this to you and they didn't provide you with a gift receipt or even the original receipt correct?

C: Yes it was a gift, and I don't want to ask them for the receipt because I don't want them to know it was used. I'd feel really bad!

P: I understand, unfortunately because this is such a high price item we really do have to have a receipt for it. I can make an exception and I can give you an even exchange of the item if you get the exact same iPad.

C9C: Well I don't need another one I already bought one I told her that when I came up here. Why the hell can't you just take it back!?

P: Unfortunately it's a high priced item and an electronic. Due to potential theft risks we're required to have a receipt for items like this. I am so sorry. If you could ask them for the receipt or even have them come in with the details for the method of purchase we could locate the transaction and issue you a giftcard or refund their method of purchase.

C: I want cash.

P: Well depending on how they purchased it we could definitely look into that as a possibility if you can get the receipt.

C: I already told you I'm not going to ask them for that. That is super rude I'm really insulted you would even suggest that. Now I'm not leaving until you give me cash back for this. She said she'd give me cash.

V: What? No I didn't.

C: Clearly she's new and doesn't know what she's talking about. Get your store manager now!

At this point I walkie the store manager explain the situation and let him reply so the customer can hear it. He states as I said only an exchange is acceptable. She wouldn't accept his response and wanted him to 'come up and say it to her face.'

M: Ok so you got this as a gift, it's used, you don't have a receipt or sort of proof of purchase you just want cash back correct?

Suddenly the customer get's super sweet.

C: What? No I'm fine with an exchange. I told both of these girls that but they were really rude and refused to give me that option.

P: I thought you said you'd already bought one to replace this?

Returners hellhoundC: No, not yet I want one to replace it.

P: Uh huh well I'm sorry I must have misunderstood you.

C: Clearly. I just don't understand why this had to be so difficult and why you wouldn't just accept the receipt I have.

M: You have a receipt?

C: Yes both of these girls were so rude and refused to accept it.

V: I must have misunderstood you as well since you told me it was a gift you received and you thought it would be rude to ask the person who gave it to you for the receipt.

C: scoff I never said that. Regardless though I don't know why your policy would be so unfriendly to customers. I mean if you treat everyone without a receipt how you treated me you shouldn't even be in business.

P: I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding. returns item and gives her back the cash she paid for it You have a great day!

Thankfully Veronica was there to hear the whole ordeal so she could back it up to the store manager. Why would someone think lying about not having a receipt would make the whole thing so much easier? Especially for an iPad of all things! (And yes, we checked; the serial numbers matched the receipt.)

In the end the whole transaction could've taken a few minutes but she made up a story and it took probably 20-30 minutes or even longer.




Misty Meanor

I never understood the logic of some crusties... or the lack thereof.


There had to have been some sort of scam or angle there. I think customer thought lying about the receipt would somehow get her something more or better and when the manager got there and it became apparent that wasn't going to happen she tried to make the two workers out to be the bad guys, maybe in the hopes she'd still get something extra out of it.

I'd also be curious how far from the purchase date the return was, as perhaps customer was responsible for breaking the ipad and was concerned you'd ask too many questions about the damage if she didn't make a big stink.

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