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It is another post-Christmas super slow night here in the appliance department of $BigBoxHomeImprovement. I'm surfing Reddit and texting the new girlfriend when the phone rings. 'Sweet! Something to do!' I think to myself. I answer the phone cheerfully.

Her tone can only be described as 'bitchy'.

Me: You've reached the appliance department, How can I help you?

LostItemLady: Do you have a lost and found?

Internal Me: Ahhh, that explains the tone... but why did she dial the appliance department

Me: Uhhh, small pause Did you loose it this department or cut off by LIL...

LIL: Can you get to a manager or someone who actually knows something?

Me: I was just trying to determine where best to send your call. Had you lost your item in my department I was going to look for you. But, if you are asking for a more general purpose type of lost and found I shall transfer you to the service desk. This is most likely where you item is. One moment.

I then proceeded to flip the phone off and waited 30 seconds before transferring her call.




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