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Grinchy Custys: Jewish People Should Celebrate Christmas!


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From RHUer

I once listened to a customer bitch out my Jewish coworker for answering her 'Merry Christmas' with a 'Happy Holidays.'

He told her that he's Jewish and chooses not to use Christmas greetings. She was pearl clutchingly incensed. ("Because Jesus was a Jew so you should celebrate CHRIST-mas!")

She launched into a whole new bitching rant, before turning to me and demanding to know whether or not I agreed with her.

My smile was one of those smiles you get right before you set somebody's word on fire, then piss on the remains for spite. I told her that I'm Wiccan and therefore celebrate Yule.

She looked like she was about to whip out the crucifix and holy water. "So you don't even decorate a tree?!"

I smiled brightly and added, "Of course we do! Decorating trees and exchanging gifts is a long time Pagan celebration, you know! And the lights we string on the trees represent the Sun. Saturnalia isn't the same without them!"

My coworker was making strangled noises. At the time, I hoped his attempts to hold in his laughter wouldn't make his head explode!

Never had a woman squawked like a strangled chicken and then run out of our store so fast in all my years of working there. Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing her again after that day.





I wonder what would have happened if your coworker would have been an atheist or Jehovah's Witness? You would probably have to do CPR on this customer! A person can be atheist and still celebrate Xmas. Jodie Foster is and she celebrates Xmas. She and her sons respect other people's beliefs and I think tolerance is the way to go!


BH, that requires you to not be an asshole, though. That old biddy was the kind that will preach at you as a captive audience in a store...

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