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This takes place on one of my first morning shifts. If anybody asks me, I say that the morning shifts are magical, because even though they're super slow, it feels like they go by just as fast as a busy afternoon/evening shift. I hate getting up early, but these shifts are my favorite. I'm almost always in a chipper mood when I have one.

Meat that's packaged at our location has a special discount on it, where if the rest of your groceries add up to ten dollars, the price of the meat gets knocked down a few bucks. If there's two packages of meat, and the rest of the purchase is twenty dollars, both get discounted. If the rest is only eighteen or nineteen, only one does. Everybody understands this. It's expressly printed on the label. The meat itself doesn't count toward this discount. Can you see where this is going?

One morning, about half an hour after I sold this customer two packages of steak and some other stuff, she comes marching back up to my register.

C: You charged me wrong!

Me: Would you like me to call a manager?

She tossed a bag with both packages of meat in it on my counter, and shoves the receipt in my face.

C: No, no manager! You charged me wrong!

Carolanne naughty 1Sometimes the system doesn't have certain sales input yet, and in fact, does charge wrong. It's a simple fix, call a manager to confirm, and refund the difference. I take a look at the receipt, and immediately know what's wrong. (I've served her before, and English isn't her first language, so sometimes we have trouble communicating.)

Me: I see, only one of the meats were discounted.

C: Yes! See? You charged me wrong!

I then tried to explain how it works, and even pointed out the label. Did the math and told her she missed twenty dollars by only a few cents, and that the meat itself doesn't count.

She continued to reiterate that I charged her wrong. Remember I said I love morning shifts, well this completely ruined the day for me. She was adamant that I cheated her somehow. It was apparent that she wanted me to open the register and just give her all her money back, then let her walk out with the food.

Me: I grabbed the intercom and cut her off Let me just call a manager for you.

Turns out my fave manager wasn't scheduled during my shift, so it was the store manager that responded. I was terrified that I'd somehow take the fall for it, even though I did nothing wrong. I explained to him. She repeated what she'd been saying to me, at least twice, while I was talking.

He told her the same thing I did, but she wasn't having it. While she ranted about me charging her wrong, he looked at me, shrugged, and had a I don't know wtf to tell her look on his face. Honestly I almost started laughing.

Finally, he gets fed up with her too.

M: How about I just refund the meat?

She lit up like a Christmas tree when he said refund. He also refunded her cash, even though she paid with a card.

M: To me Have someone take these back.

Her face fell. She truly thought she was getting it for free. After the manager walked away, she tried to take them off the counter, even though I had one hand on them while I waited for the receipt to print.

Jason Grinch 6Me: Sorry ma'am, I have to take these back.

She then tried to take the one off the top.

C: I keep one.

Me: Nope, sorry, he refunded you for both. I get to keep them.

She tried pulling them out of my hands.

C: He refunded me one!

Me: He refunded you eighteen dollars and sixty cents, ma'am, the price of both.

I pulled them out of her hands, she stomped off, and I handed them to the carry out. I told her they needed to go back immediately, because the customer tried to take them.

An hour later I was informed by said carry out that the customer was pacing in the meat department.





It's kind of gross that your grocery store would return meat after it had left the store and put it back for sale. I understand that in this case there was likely nothing wrong with it; but you have no way of knowing what the customer did with the meat once she left with it, how/where it was stored, etc. Dangerous and gross.


They probably didn't put the meat back out for sale, but in the garbage in the deli/back room. AttackDoughnut wouldn't have been able to use the little bin under the till for receipts.... but with the customer pacing in the meat department, it certainly seems like she thought they'd go back out, too!

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