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Customer: "I'm looking for battle ships the board game, where is it?"

Turns to the right, pulls it off the shelf right beside me and the customer "This is it right here, and it looks to be the last one." Hands it to customer

Customer:  Looks it over "It's all scuffed on the bottom, do I get a discount?"

Me: "No Ma'am, we don't do anything like that." Thinking in my head, "NO STORE DOES THAT".

Customer: "Oh, okay. Thank you." walks off

Me: "You're welcome, have a good day."

Cut to 30 minutes later, and I find that same battleship board game sitting on a random end cap in toys. I could tell because the bottom of it was scuffed up the same way, and there was only one in stock (I had checked after giving it to the customer).

If you didn't want it lady, you could have just put it back on the shelf. Ugh..




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