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From  zession1, Tales From Retail:

I work at a sport gym, we have of course energy and soft drinks, along with snacks such as chips, energy bar and candy bar for sell near the front desk. I've had a awesome day today until a customer came to the front desk and was looking at drinks. He shove the sliding door to the drink hard enough that one of the can fell out onto the carpet, I of course didn't mind it as long as he pick it up and put it back in.

After looking at the drinks for awhile, he grab five Powerade drinks and slams them on the register. Me a little annoyed at this point still force out a smile and ask for payment. After paying, he ask

CUSTOMER: "You guys have any grocery bag?"

ME: "I'm sorry we don't"

CUSTOMER: "What?!!! last time I was here, you guys have grocery bags!!!"

ME: "Sir, this is a sport gym, we don't carry grocery bags, if you want grocery bags you can go to a grocery shopping center"

CUSTOMER: "What?? This is ridiculous, if you sell food or drink you are required to have grocery bags!!!!!!!!!"

ME: "first of all, if you don't tone down you voice, I'm kicking you out, secondly, this is a gym, not a grocery store, third, if a grocery bag is that important, you can definitely buy one from the grocery store and bring it with you next time, now is there anything else you need?"

At this point, the customer says something really fast that I couldnt understand and stomp angrily away back into the gym. Seriously, I do not understand this type of logic.


Work in a sports gym, Customer bought 5 Powerade, demands to know why we don't have grocery bags at a sports gym. Storms off angrily.

-- zession1





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