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From MangoNerd, Tales From Retail:

This happened a few years ago but I was reminded about it recently. I used to work at a low-price big-chain clothing store in a rich suburb, so we had a lot of entitled customers.

On this particular day, I was working the fitting room. Our way of running the fitting rom was pretty relaxed, anyone could just walk into the fitting room and pick any open door. My job was to help people find items in different sizes and fold-n-sort and clothes they returned after trying on. On slow days (like this day), I would also occasionally return these items to the sales floor.

All of the fitting rooms are open and this woman wearing one of the ugliest, bright green jackets I have ever seen asks for a room. Like with every other customer, I just tell her to take any room that’s open, and she goes for one of the middle rooms.

After she’s in her room, I decided to return some items back to the floor. I’m not even gone for 5 minutes when I hear “That’s her, she’s the one that stole my clothes!”

I look over and see Green Jacket Lady (GJL), now wearing a bunch of the clothes she brought in to try on, dragging along my manager (MG).

GJL: “She stole my personal clothes! I left my room to go find another size and when I came back my clothes were GONE!”

My manager was a very reasonable, kind person and I had been working at this store for almost a year at this point, so she knew I would never steal someone’s property.

MG: “I’m sure there is some sort of mistake, let’s go look in the fitting room for them”

All three of us walk back to the fitting room and look through the go-back area just in case someone had cleaned out the room while the woman was gone.

GJL: “See, I told you she STOLE my $300 jacket!” MG: “Can you show me what room you were in?” GJL: “This room right here”

She points to an empty open room, right next to a room with a closed door.

My manager notices that she can’t see any movement in the room next-door, knocks, and opens the door.

What a surprise, all of her clothing is in that room. It turns out that she shut the door behind her when she went to get another size and forgot what room she was in.

She goes into the fitting room, changes back into her own clothes, then leaves the store without buying anything or cleaning up her room.--







At least she didn’t accuse her of stealing her stuff, then putting it back.


I think she just wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as she could. Idiot.

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