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From  GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

Hey TFR! Got another one from $Home Improvement store. This happened on a Saturday a few months back, I think sometime in the late morning, while I was on self check out. Since it was the weekend, we were pretty busy and of course all the registers had lines. An older couple (OL for Old Lady and OM for OM) came up to self check with a bunch of little items, I think like a screw driver and some nails and stuff, pretty generic things at a home improvement store.

OL: "Hi! Can we check out with you?"

Me: "This is self-check, but I can definitely help you."

I ended up ringing up all their stuff and bagging the smallest items for them. They were both pleasant enough, no problem whatsoever. As they were getting ready to pay, the security alarms by the door went off, which is pretty standard since there are so many security devices in so many items, and we tend to miss a few, especially when people are going through self-check.

I hurried off to grab the person who had set off the alarm and deactivate their items, and when I returned the older couple had gone.

OL returned about twenty minutes later, with a much different attitude.

OL: "You forgot to put our bag in our cart! We're missing generic tiny cheap item."

Me: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!"

I checked to make sure there wasn't a random bag lying around self-check, and then called customer service to see if anyone had turned in a bag. No one had. The whole time, the lady bitched me out about how it was my responsibility to put her bag in her cart for her. Keep in mind, this was self-check, and she and her husband had willingly come up instead of waiting in the lines at the regular registers.

I checked her receipt to double check what item it was, and then called my head cashier, who told me to just send her off to grab the item and she'd be in the clear. OL hurried off and returned a couple minutes later, showing me the item and her receipt once more so I could verify it. I apologized about the issue once more.

OL: "Well, it's your fault, you should have put my bag in my cart for me."

I bit my tongue, told her to have a good day, and hoped I'd never see her again. To this day, I wonder if she really lost the item, or if she was just trying to get a free one. And I also wonder why she couldn't have put her own damn bag in her own cart. What I do remember is that the item was tiny (like a tube of glue or something) so not something that would kill anyone's back.

TL;DR: I ring up an older couple at self-check, and then have to go help someone else. The lady comes back and claims I forgot to put her bag in her cart for her, so now she's missing an item.

-- GoldMidnight









And this is how people stop trying to help. Why bother going above and beyond when all it does is expose you to a kick in the nuts? The next time someone asks, they'll get 'It's self check out, do it yourself'.

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