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From  Chatty_Monkey_Don, Tales From Retail:

The story about a guy trying to steal a lawnmower reminded me of this from a few years ago. I came out of the back stockroom next to our vacuum displays and another associate helping a bridal couple register for gifts told me a dude just grabbed a Roomba and headed to the front. Turns out the guy registering was a parole officer or court bailiff or something and gave us a heads up that he recognized the dude. So I head off to catch up.

I turn the corner to the front of the store just in time to see him pry open the entrance doors (they don't auto open from this side) and haul ass. He jumps in a waiting car and speeds off. Somehow we got the plate info and report it. Turns out the car belonged to his girlfriend's mom and she offered to pay for it but we pressed charges. These things cost like $600 each.

So a few months later I and the other associate who saw it got a summons to testify against him and his girlfriend. We get to court and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, the case gets called up and turns out the girl plead into some drug addict rehab scumbag thief forgiveness program that wipes her charges away and the guy worked out a deal to pay everything off and do some community service. At least I got paid to sit there. And we keep all the Roombas off the floor now.

-- Chatty_Monkey_Don




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