Holiday Humor: Mint The Magic Dragon, Lived By The Christmas Tree
Signage Slip-Ups: Things Are About to Get Crazy

Retail Hell Memories: "Yes sir, I expect you to pay the full amount."


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From  Sfrodo, Tales From Retail:

I worked for many years at a second hand baby clothing store. I was the only male employee, and for the most part I genuinely enjoyed my job. However, there were times where I was ready to jump the counter.

Cut to an average day when all of a sudden a massive truck pulls into the parking lot and out steps a husband and wife. This guy is absolutely massive, military type and his wife is sporting the "can I speak to a manager haircut".

I really try not to judge a book by the cover, especially since I am a man working at a baby clothing store but lets just say This starter pack sums him up perfectly.

So they shop for about an hour and come up to my cash register. I begin checking them out and so far there are no issues at all. Neither of the patrons are very pleasant, but nothing I can't deal with.

Me: Your total comes to $32.40

Him: Slaps $32 on the counter

I pick up the $32 and we begin what is the most awkward stare down in the history of the world. I look at him, He looks at me, I look at his wife, his wife looks at me, He looks at his wife, the wife looks at him, I look deep inside myself contemplating if I will drive my car into a tree on the way home.

Me: It was $32.40....

Him: Yes....

Me: You gave me $32.....

Him: Yes......

Me: It was $32.40 I need the 40 cents.

Him: I gave you $32.

Me: Yes I understand but the total is $32.40.

Him: I don't have it.

Me: I'm going to need the 40 cents man.

Him: REALLY! You expect me to walk ALLLL the way back to my TRUCK and get you 40 cents.

Me: Yes.

He walks out and gets the change. When he comes back in he literally throws the change across the counter. Pulls an electric cigarette from his pocket (Vape) proceeds to take a massive hit and blows it right in my face.

That tree was looking awfully good that night.

-- Sfrodo





"You gave me almost the correct amount. Almost only works in horseshoes and handgrenades."


Don't let one bozo make you want to drive into a tree! He was wrong and couldn't take it like a man or a human for that matter!

Misty Meanor

The moment he blew the smoke into my face, I would've handed him the money and said, "You can leave now."


I'm with misty on this one. You can leave under your own power or the police can drag you out kicking and screaming like an impotent jerk. Your choice

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