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From VernonWilkesJR, Tales From Retail:

This tale is from my first day on the job when I was 16 and 1 day. Green as grass.

My first customer ever comes up to me.

Customer: "Do you know where the garbage bags are?"

Me: "No, sorry it's my first day."

Customer: "But you do know what garbage bags are right?"

Me: "... yes"

Customer: "Then why don't you know where they are?"

$me: "um... I'll help you look"

The store had 100 aisles so it was pretty big. I make an educated guess and lead him to the proper aisle on the first try

Me: picks up a box of regular black garbage bags, "Here you go, Sir"

Customer: "No, I need gaaaaaarbage baaaaags", he picks up a box of compost garbage bags right next to it, "I can't believe you have never seen these before", starts laughing

Me: blank stare, "I have"

Customer: now dying of laughter, "Boy, you really are useless you know that!"

Me: "haha, yeah", what the hell is happening

Customer: "Now you know!", walks away

Me: I guess this is my life now

Sidenote: in Toronto, you have to separate your garbage into compost (food, tissues, paper towels) and regular garbage. You must throw away compost in compost garbage bags.







Good thing you explained at the end. Compost garbage bag would have had me going to garden leaf and grass bags that are gigantic.


What a jackass. That's a terrible first customer, OP. My sympathies

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