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They were worn. You wore them. They can't return worn products. Fail to see the problem here, aside from the 'signature' below the picture...


If the store does indeed have a "no-returns" policy, then it's on the customer. However, if the store simply won't do the return since the item is "worn", I have issues with this. It sounds like this customer is saying the item is not holding up well and if that is something she can tell after an hour of wear, it sounds like the item is defective. I would think it would be something the company brand should fix rather than the store though.


I'm kinda with don'tCallMeJenny on this, tbh. If they really have concerns about the product being not well made or painful to wear, this needs to be addressed. No returns is fine, but with defective products, This needs to be fixed, especially since with an online order, there's no way to check out the product beforehand


Of course, they might already have directed him to the manufacture, which is a totally reasonable response for a quality issue, especially in light of their returns policy

Kai Lowell

Wow. I knew Famous Footwear was overpriced but that's ridiculous. (Muk Luks are cheap shoes. Seriously. $48?! That's fucking highway robbery.)


They key word is indeed "DEFECTIVE". So many companies have a no-return policy, you have to remember to use that word, and that term exactly:

I invested in a nice pair of shoes for work, and the sole wore entirely through in under 5 days - the shop would not take the return or exchange when I explained what happened, but when I asked to clarify that they won't even exchange "Defective Product", it was like a switch had been flipped. "Something is wrong with these" was not something they would work with - even when they could see the problem in front of them. Synonyms are not your friend. Company policy would not bend for anything other than "DEFECTIVE".

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