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The Miniature Heart Attack


ILIA2From Ilia

Okay, here's a story of what I believe was a miniature heart attack, followed by resuscitation.

Grocery day is Wednesday for my family (a day I have off and can drive mom around to the stores). We grocery shop in a nearby city, which is approximately 30-35 minutes away from home. It's an all day thing, and we come home pretty tired and very much not in the mood to make a complicated dinner.

So decision? Chinese take out, which is close to home.

We call at 7:20 to make the order. I drive to our home town, and we make it at 7:55. Five minutes till they close. Just made it.

We walk in the door and... hoo boy. That poor employee. It's a brief glimpse, but when he looks at us when we walk through the door, I can see it's an instant freaking heart attack. There's just this LOOK of panic in his eyes that every single one of us gets five minutes to close and somebody walks in the door.

I felt bad, and wanted to laugh, at the same time.

"Hello! We have a take-out order under [Mom's name]."

Relief. Instant, blessed, sweeping relief in this kid's eyes. The heart resumes beating. He is resuscitated from cardiac arrest.

We pay for our order, take the still-hot food (it was delicious), and head home. They were able to close on time. 




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