Broken Urinal at Target Sends Mixed Message
Opening Time Nightmare Ends Awesomely



"I'm not saying let's kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying lets take off the warning labels and let the problem work itself out."


There’s a podcast I listen to regularly called Sawbones that does basically medical history, but also occasionally delves into health-related things, like why you should vaccinate your kids. The co-hosts had to do one recently basically explaining from a medical standpoint why you shouldn’t eat Tide Pods, and delved into the health risks of other YouTube challenges, such as the Cinnamon Challenge.


"Why you shouldn't eat tide pods." It's fucking laundry soap. How is that difficult for people to understand?

Tide has labels on them saying 'don't eat this dumbass', I'm serious about letting people kill themselves with it. Do we -really- need people stupid enough to eat laundry soap?

The cinnamon thing at least makes a little sense, people think it's just because it's spicy-hot. It's still stupid, it's just not quite so 'underpants on head' stupid...

Tech Support Survivor

I mean in their commercials they have that whole keep them up, keep them safe, keep them out of reach. Guess you have to teenage proof stuff in addition to baby proofing. OF course I say let natural selection work.

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