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And it says "For dogs" at the top right, "treating your dog" at the bottom left, and "4 dog treats" at the bottom right.

So yeah, she dumb.


I've always looked at it in with the novelty ice creams and thought just how many parents buy this for people.


I think there are pictures of humans giving their dogs this ice cream on the back too! It does say clear as day "for dogs.". Unless you're illiterate or can barely speak English, there is no excuse.


Jofur, it's for that reason tht pet foods are required to be safe for humans to eat...


I'm not sure if it was this or a similar product but my Mother used to buy these hot dog shaped ice cream sandwiches at Walmart. They even had a dog on the box and/or in the name. The cashiers would see them and think they were for dogs but they were for people.


This is reminding me of the scene in "The Prince of Tides" when Nick Nolte's Tom Wingo character flashbacked to his childhood and his dad was being a real jerk at the dinner table. The mom and her two younger kids prepared hash for the dad made out of dog food, onions, and rice. He loved it and even shoved the family dog away when the animal tried to eat the dinner!

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