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Retail Memories: A Rose For Her Son


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From RabidBlueberry, Tales From Retail:

I worked at a rose farm awhile ago. It was half sales lot and half garden. We sold heirloom and Old World bushes. I wore many hats and one of them was selling rose bushes to customers.

I was just about to head home one day when an elderly lady pulled up. I stopped what I was doing and greeted her and asked how I could help. She wanted a yellow rose bush for her son.

It took me a bit to find one since the roses weren't in bloom around that time and all I had to go on were the weather worn name tags. I showed her a pic of it in full bloom on my phone. She smiled but it was such a sad smile.

I carried the bush to the table and began writing up her receipt. I told her that her son was going to love this rose.

Then she lost it. Her son had killed himself ten years before and the bush was to be planted on his grave. We ended up spending two hours together, her just talking about her son and me just listening. We were both crying. I told her to take the bush free of charge, that my boss would just take it from my pay.

My boss was usually a monster but when I told her about the lady, she let it slide and didn't even dock my pay.

I dealt with a lot a-hole customers there, and I met some really interesting folks too, but that lady will always be my favorite.









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