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From HenshinforPie, Tales From Retail:

Hello again from the gift shop at Aquarium! We get a lot of kids year round, either in school or camp groups. The kids see the toys, and almost always ask if they are free. Even if I say no, they keep asking, probably hoping that one of the things we sell happens to be free.

One day at I was at the kiosk in the stingray area, demoing our large stuffed penguin, when one boy (about 8) came up to me.

Boy: Is this toy free?

Me: No.

Boy: Is this toy free?

Me: Sorry, no.

Boy: Is the penguin free?

Me: No, the penguin is $20.

Boy: Is the penguin's eye free?

Me: (very confused) No, I can't sell you the penguin's eye.

Boy: Darn! (Goes off)

To this day, this is the weirdest question I have gotten at work so far.

And all for what would have been half a button!





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