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HeavenspawnFrom Puppies In Prada

Well, it's happened. I finally met an honest-to-Thrognar Heavenspawn.

I was manning the registers when the cute little kid comes up, clutching a small toy. I don't see Mama, but that doesn't mean she's not lurking nearby.

The kid still quite young; I'd say between being old enough to have figured out how to walk, and not yet old enough to figure out counting. She waits her turn politely, then hands me the toy when it's her turn. Her eyes just barely clear the top of the counter and she has to reach up to put her toy up there.

This is no hellspawn; she's being a good little customer and I'm struck by the most powerful urge to make her buying experience as positive as I can. At this formative age, I want this bright eyed Heavenspawn to associate the customer experience with friendly employees. Heaven help me, if I can instill just a tiny bit of positive reinforcement in her memories, I just might be able to have a hand in making her a good customer to employees when she grows up. Perhaps this is a starry-eyed pipe dream, but damn it all I'm gonna try!

The toy is only $1.50. I ring it up for her and tell her the total in as friendly a voice as I can.

Carolanne Cute n sassyShe hands me three dollars. Definitely hasn't figured out counting yet. But that's okay! I hand her the third dollar back, take the two and make change. I put the remaining $0.50 right in her hand, and ask her if she'd like a bag.

"No, thank you." She chirps back.

OMG, angels sing praises; she said "thank you!"

Me: "All rightie then, here you go!"

I hand her the toy and her receipt.

The random idea to introduce herself flickers through her mind and she says, "My name is Annabelle."

Me: "Well then Annabelle, thank you for shopping with us today!"

As she scampers off, I feel an unusual, happy glow in my chest, like some sort of faith in humanity has sparked to life. I wish I could have thanked Mama for raising such a sweet kid.

--Puppies In Prada



Kai Lowell

Okay, this one made me smile. :)


I agree with you, Kai! This young girl must have really good role models in her life who taught her well.

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