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Nasty Ass Thieves: Karma Catches Up to Office Supply Store Shoplifter


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From Calmmeow, Tales From Retail:

I work at one of those Office store places, that also has a tech department. We get a lot of crazy people but there is this one guy that takes the cake.

He comes in about once a month and steals canned air. Like almost all retail stores we have a strict no confrontation policy for shoplifters. So we all know this man steals but we can't do anything about it, and it's never enough moneys worth to report.

Well one day this man is doing his thing and the manager immediately reminds people (over the radios in our ears) that this man steals and just leave him alone. WELL there was a FRICKIN POLICE OFFICER getting something and overheard her and FRICKIN arrested the man! They came in and got the tapes for all the other times he stole and he had to go to jail.

Just thought people would like a story with a happy ending.






Entitled Customers: Stockroom Wanderer Gets Told



From LondonDude123, Tales From Retail:

So I'm at work (UK Retail, large chain express store) and there's 4 of us on (Me stacking, Till dude, Security, Duty Manager).

I walk out back to the staff only area to find a guy standing there. Convo went like this:

Me: What the fuck are you doing?

Guy: What?

Me: What the fuck are you doing?

Guy: I needed help, nobody was about.

Me: (Calls for manager and security) You dont come into a staff warehouse looking for help. What the fuck is wrong with you.

(Back and forth with me swearing, and being "Real LondonDude" not "Work LondonDude")

Guy: Why you being so mean, arent you supposed to help customers?

(manager and security shows up)

Me: If you're in a staff warehouse, you must be staff. Therefore I'll say whatever the fuck I want! If you're not, then you're trespassing, so we're gonna ring the old bill.

(Security and manager detains him, searches him for stock and/or personal items from the break room, finds nothing and throws him out)

Guys. DONT go into staff areas. For real!