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From  l_om_, Tales From Retail:

 I work for a well known jewellery brand. I'm only new to this thread and over my 3 years in retail I have so many ridiculous customer stories.

My first horrible customer experience went like this, a woman came into the store and went to our first large display cabinet which had multiple rose gold rings stacked on top of each other. She points to the display

Her: " How much is that one?"

Me : "Sorry which one?" (How about describing it)

I reach into the display and put my finger on them

Her : "no that one, no not that one, no the other one"

Me : " Sorry but can you describe which one it is? It might be easier, like is it this flower one or this one with a bow on it?? "

Her ; "Ah I'm here F-king ages now are you blind just f* off if you can't tell me the price of it"

She shouts this while storming out of the store and stares in at me while walking away because our whole store is glass on outside.


-- l_om_







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