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From sarah_the_intern, Tales From Retail:

My manager from my old retail job shared with me this story recently.

My manager got a call from the store next door saying a woman with a stroller had just stolen some merchandise from them. The woman came in my manager’s store with a stroller (for her dog, not a kid), so he was already eyeing her. He watched her place clothing on the bottom part of the stroller as she walked around. The employees wouldn’t let her take the stroller into a dressing room because they already knew what she was trying to do.

So the woman, with clothes still hidden in the stroller, tried to leave the store. My manager stood in front of her stroller and loudly demanded she give him all the clothes she’s currently trying to steal. She tried to play it off like she forgot because she’s so angry that the employees wouldn’t let her bring the stroller into the dressing room. My manager informed her that the neighboring store had already called him. She handed over the nearly-stolen clothes, which added up to over $300.











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