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Retail Memories: The Man Who Bought One Egg


Jason 043

From Regjit, Tales From Retail:

I work in an organic supermarket where I do both cashier and clerk work. This happened a few weeks ago while I was sitting behind the counter on a slow night.

Me = me

EM = Egg man

Me: "Good evening, sir"

EM: "Hello"

Now, at this point, I didn't see he had an egg. I thought he just wanted to ask something because he hadn't put anything on the counter.

Me: "How may I help you tonight?"

EM: "Just this, please"

EM: shows me the egg

Me: ...

Me: "Would that be all, sir?"

EM: "Yes, thank you"

Me: "That would be 15 cents, please"

EM: gives me 15 cents

Me: "Thank you. Would you like a bag with that?"

EM: "No."

I see him put his egg into his breast pocket, like it's the most normal thing in the world, and walk out the door.

Godspeed, eggman. Godspeed.







I will take a polite egg-man over any "I would like to speak to a manager!" haircut wearing, cross-eyed, knuckle-dragging loon-princess any day of the week.

Kai Lowell

You and me both, IS.


He was slightly mad at someone, but didn't want to egg them TOO much.

Never seen a store that would sell one egg...

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