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1 returners hellhoundFrom Emma

I had a customer bring in an item for even exchange.

Only problem? The item they were returning was $20 and the new item they wanted was $26.

When I explained we would have to do a return and then she could purchase the $26 item and pay the difference, she responded, “Why do you people make returns so difficult?”

Uh, because you can’t do basic math?

It took me, my coworker, and a manager to explain the concept of "price difference" to her. And no, it could NOT be treated as an equal trade... and YES she DID had to pay the other $6 before we let her leave the building with it.





You can bet that if the item she was returning cost $26 and the new item cost $20 she'd get the concept.


"You're lucky we allow you to do returns at ALL, now take it or shut up."

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