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I work in a shoe store as an assistant manager. I carry a store phone on me so I can answer it wherever I am in the store. Today the phone would not stop ringing. People wanted to know what time we closed, where we were located, and a ton of shoe checks.

So the phone rings and I answer it and it sounds like a little kid. K will be kid.

K: Umm hello do you carry all black high top vans for kids?

Me: Let me check for you really quick. I'm sorry, we only have the low top vans in all black for kids.

K: Okay well I like those too.

Me: What size shoe do you wear?

K: One and a half

Me: Okay so I don't have a one and a half but I do have a size two.

K: Okay that sounds good.

Me: Would you like me to hold it for you?

K: Yes please.

Me: Okay, what is your name?

The phone got really quiet like he was hesitating, then I heard someone in the background, it was his mom;

Mom: Give her your name.

K: Tyler.

HeavenspawnMe: Okay Tyler, I'm going to hold this shoe for you. So when you and your mom come in, just come up to the counter and tell us you have a shoe on hold under your name.

K: Okay thank you. Have a nice day.

Me: Absolutely. You have a nice day too.

He even made sure to ask where we were located. He said it just like that too, "Where are you located?" I was happy to give him (and his mom) that information.

It was the most wholesome phone call I have ever experienced in my four years of retail. I love that his mom had him call and ask about his shoes. Today was a good day ❤️





See, I think it's good for parents have the kids do this kind of thing to practice how to have a polite adult conversation over the phone. Better than the adults that call and bark single words at you. I know it irritates some retail people and they get in a huge snit about having time wasted for a kid playing on phone, but as long as the kid is polite, I don't see the issue.

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