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I used to work at a shoe store, and this story is from last winter.

It was around 11 am in the mall and, for whatever reason, I was the only one scheduled to work for the next three hours. I had a class I needed to leave for at 2 pm, so I called my co-worker asking them to come in about 10mins early so I would be able to run for the bus.

Now, as I'm on the phone with my co-worker, a customer comes in. I greet them and tell them about our sales and they raise their hand to shoo me off as she yells in my direction, "I can read, sweetie."


So I just smile apologetically and go back to finishing up my call. After I hang up the customer gives me a mean look and tells me it's rude to talk to my friends while I'm working. Not that I owe it to her, but I clarify, saying that I was asking a co-worker to come in earlier so I can get to my later class. She rolls her eyes at me and holds up a men's boot.

She asks me in a condescending tone, "Will this fit my husband?"

"What size is he?" I asked back.

"I don't know. Will this fit him?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know if it will fit him. Is he with you so he can try it on? I can keep the display one up here for you."

She raises her voice again and slams her hand on the table. "He is NOT here with me. I just want to buy him these shoes. Get me a pair that will fit him."

I am baffled at this point, and I try to politely explain that I can't grab him a pair of shoes if I don't know what size he is because she might have to come back to exchange them for the correct size.

And this lady was not having it. She threw the display boot at my face. Luckily it didn't leave me with a black eye. I called security and she was banned.

But, like who throws winter boots at someone because I don't know a strangers boot size when that stranger isn't even in the store?





You know, I really don't want to believe that there are grown up people in this world who are allowed to wander around unattended who don't understand how things like "shoe sizes" work, but I keep seeing stories like this one. In all seriousness, what the heck? How do you get to be an adult human with the ability to get yourself to the mall (presumably in clothing/shoes you've purchased in the correct size) and continue to be this dense?

Misty Meanor

What do they think we are, psychics? If I were, I'd quit my job and get a new one as a fortune teller!

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