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Shoe hell 4From Saychay_TalesFromRetail

I️ work in a popular shoe store and it never seems to amaze me how many customers think I️ have a superpower.

What kind of super power you might ask? They think I can magically look at their foot and know their shoe size.

Here is a conversation I️ have everyday. (Me=me, C=customer)

Me: hi there, would you like to try that on?

C: yes

Me: sure, what size can I️ grab you?

C: my size.

Me: and what size is that?

C: do you have it in my size?

Carolanne 045aMe: what is your size?

C: I don’t know

Me: well what size is your shoe right now?

c checks shoe

C: 7

Me: okay I’ll bring a 7

Now our store doesn’t measure feet so I️ couldn’t just pull that out to find the persons size.

Is it really that uncommon to know your shoe size? Just cause I sell shoes, doesn’t mean I️ can just magically tell how big your foot is.





A shoe store that doesn't have one single foot sizing device, shouldn't be selling shoes.

Tech Support Survivor

Yea, that's not a reasonable excuse for a shoe store.


And it's a popular shoe store? I think even cheap-o Payless has one or two of those foot measuring devices about, in both adult and kid sizes. Seems rather essential to the whole shoe buying experience.


Have you never worn shoes before, that you don't know what size you are? For a kid's first time or something yeah, but an adult should already know their shoe size...

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