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I'll set the scene.. it's a quiet afternoon at my small store. We sell clothes, shoes, etc. a lovely lady walks in ( looked probably early 30s) goes straight to the shoes. I walk up and this whole thing unraveled...


M- Hi, let me know if I can get you a shoe in what size you need..

C- Yes ma'am could I get this in a size 9?

M- Unfortunately it seems that we are out of that one in a 9.

C- Oh what sizes do you have?

M- 6 to 8 are what's left

C- Let me try the 8... sometimes they fit.

M- Yes ma'am I'll be right back.

I go get the shoe and return so she can try it on. Moments later she finds me and asks for the next size down... uh... ok.

M- Here's the 7, hopefully it works.

C- Oh this isn't fitting either can I get the 6?

M- Absolutely...

I left and brought her back the 6 which she put on and it fit like a dang glove. She thanked me and left after buying the shoes. Now HERE IS MY ISSUE WITH THIS- HOW ARE YOU A GROWN ASS WOMAN AND NOT KNOW WHAT SIZE SHOE YOU WEAR?! How do you start at a 9 and end up at a 6?

This isn't the first time it's happened either. STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Please guys, next time you put on your shoes, stop and make a note of what size you wear so this doesn't happen.





I own shoes that range between 8 and 10.5 depending on the goofy-ass sizing and how pointed the toes of the shoes are, so there can be a variance even if you "know" your size.


Yup. Not that I wear heels anymore, but I take a completely different size in heels than I do in sneakers. Heck, even brand to brand with sneakers it can vary. Just like with womens' clothing, womens' shoe sizes aren't something to trust without trying on.

Tech Support Survivor

Just like clothing sizes, different companies/brands have different sizes. However I am pretty standard when it comes to European shoe sizes. The two or three places I go to have my history on file, plus those hand dandy measuring devices. Not it might be that I usually end up buying more expensive shoes (rarely can I get anything for under 100), but people are happy to measure me feet and know that gee, this brand often runs small, etc.


Maybe she only looked at the size upside down :P

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