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Shoe Store Hell: The Men's 4 Is The Boy's 4 Is The Women's 5.5


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I work at a popular shoe store in the mall. All the shoes we sell are sized to be unisex. In other words, if you were to ask for a shoe in a men's 10, that same exact shoe would also be a women's 11.5. Kids sizes end at a size 3 for us, so anything past that is considered a men's shoe. So a kids size 4 is a men's four, which in turn is a women's 5.5. It can be a little confusing at first but most people get it after a quick explanation... Not this lady.

She came in and asked me for a shoe in a boys 4. Normally I don't go through the whole talk about the sizes if it doesn't come up. Most people just buy the shoe and leave. So I grab the shoe in the men's 4 (Which is the same as a boys 4) and come back to her.

Woman: so this is the boys size four right?

Me: yes ma'am

Woman: can you see if you actually have a woman's 5.5? I bought my daughter that size last time and it fit perfect.

Me: actually this is technically a woman's 5.5. The size 4 in boys is also a size 5.5 in woman's.

Dumbass 2Woman: oh, well then can you grab a woman's 5.5 for me I think that's the one I need.

Me: this is it ma'am. (points to the box that shows the sizes)

Woman: oh, well can you check to see if maybe you have a men's 4, actually that's the one I bought.

Me: The boys 4 is the men's 4. Anything past a 3 is considered men's. And the men's 4 is also a women's 5.5. So in other words this is the perfect shoe.

Woman: oh, but can you still check to see if you have a men's 4 in stock?

(at this point I'm getting a little tired)

Me: This is the men's 4. The mens 4 is the boys 4 which is the women's 5.5...

This continued back and fourth for about 10 to 15 mins on and off while I helped other people. I was ready to clock off and I just started.....




I know it better

I find it totally pointless to have different numbering for males and females, to begin with..


I believe the reason is different shape of feet, and that particular shoe meets the criteria for a 4 in men / boys and 5.5 in women.

That's some tiny-ass feet to be calling 'men' though...

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