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Shoe hell 2From Baird_BrianTalesFromRetail

Background Info: I work as a shoe salesman in a well known sporting goods store. Like most, we sell cleats, shoes and so on.

Our sales floor is "premium," meaning our shoe boxes are in the stockroom and we have just left shoes on display on the sales floor. I scan them with a device to see if our stockroom has the shoes a customer requests.


It was a busy Saturday and a lady came in who seemed a bit on edge. I ask her "what can I help you with today?" just like I ask all my other customers.

Without hesitation she says "I'm looking for cleats."

She was already headed in the right direction and she dashed towards a soccer cleat before I could ask her what type of cleats she needed. She asked for a size before I could get another word out I got the cleat for her, she tries it on, I ask how it feels (standard procedure).

This woman then tries on THREE more soccer cleats. On the fourth try she asks "Are these softball cleats?"

to which I reply "No ma'am, these are soccer cleats."

WolfshopperaShe replies (clearly upset) "All these I've tried on are soccer cleats?" 

I say "Yes".

She then tells me she is looking for softball cleats. As we make our way over to the softball cleats, she’s making passive-aggressive remarks such as “Hard to get good help these days,” and “I’m surprised you didn’t ask me what cleats I was looking for.”

She then picks out a softball cleat, I retrieve it and we begin to converse.

She continues “It would have saved ME some time if you had helped me find the cleats I was looking for.” She then says “If you had actually assessed my needs it would have been easier on me!”

To diffuse the situation of course I replied “You’re right. I should speak up and ask more questions. I apologize.”

She then left with the correct cleats that she initially wanted me to help her find... through my telepathic abilities.




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