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From sodamnkawaii, Tales From Retail:

Working on the checkout today and someone storms up to me with some trousers in her hand. She want to buy them but they are the last pair and they have a "huge stain on them." She is shouting that she wants discount because she refuses to pay full price. I got a wipe out of the drawer and the "stain" just wiped off instantly. (Must've been flour or something) She starts raging saying she still wants discount because they were ruined... demands a manager and shouting about how the store is a disgrace

Why not just leave the trousers if they're THAT ruined. People just want money off for anything and think shouting will get them what they want.









Sadly, weak managers continually reinforce 'if you're a big enough asshole, you'll get what you want'. How many times have you seen one of these stories end with 'the manager gave it to them to make them go away'?

Jason Anderson

so at my job all damaged discounts are 10% period we have a button that will only allow us this 10%. smudge of makeup 10% entire zipper missing 10%. this lady comes up with a xmas scarf that is a packed as a gift item so its a scarf with a ribbon and bow (which you complete throw away and have no use on the item) She kept going on and on about "oh the bow is missing, and this and that" So I told her the bow has nothing to do with the scard, so I was not giving her a discount, so then it magically became frayed and pilly and looked dingy. All this haggling over $0.29. Oh then I dont want it. "ma'am its only 3 dollars, it doesnt need a discount but if you want one, its $0.29" She did not buy said scarf

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