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From FluffyTrainz, Tales From Retail:

I manage a music store. This happened 10 minutes ago.

I answer the phone... telemarketer. He will henceforth be identified as TM:

TM: Hello sir, are you the one in charge of telephone bills at your company?

Me: Oh oh oh... is this telemarketing ? This sounds a lot like telemarketing to me!

TM: ... yes sir. If I could just...

Me: ... this is your lucky day sir! Do you happen to play music?

TM: .... I do like listening to music.

Me: ... No, not LISTENING to music, do you actually PLAY a musical instrument?

TM: ... I play guitar.

Me: OH BOY! This is your LUCKY DAY! Sir, if you ever come to [MUSIC STORE NAME], You will get a rebate on ANYTHING you want to buy! Say for example, you want to buy a $6.00 pack of guitar strings, I will sell them to you for only $5.50! And if you want to buy 10 packs, I will sell them to you for only $5.00 a pack!

TM: ... I'm sorry sir, I have to go, I don't have a lot of time.

Me: No problem sir. And remember, you will always get an amazing deal at [MUSIC STORE NAME] !!!

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