Rubbish Returns: Oh Please Do Try To Sue Us! It Would Be Hilarious!
Liquor Store Hell: Surveillance Video Captures Racoon Breaking Into Liquor Store For a Night Cap



Please note they use the word cheesy, because it doesn't qualify to be labeled cheese.


I don't get the music reference, but yeah... if it mentions palm oil, it's at best 'cheese food product' that might once have been near a picture of a cow...


Cheesy as in "bad", singles as in "record or track, not an album", so they are saying it's like his album, it which will be made up of a number of cheesy tracks that will come out as singles.


I got that part... I was mainly wondering "Who the catnip is Ed Sheeran?"

Kai Lowell

A short ginger dude who's not the best musician, iirc.

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